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Old 07-09-2010, 11:00 PM
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Default Ok, I give up: how do I access the microSDHC card???

While I await the arrival of the 32GB card I've ordered, I discovered that I really only needed about 13GB additional storage to hold the remainder of my MP3 collection, over and above what I'd already loaded on to the J3's primary storage.

So as I drove past Fry's today I decided to stop and buy a 16GB card... just in case the 32GB card doesn't show up in time for my vacation getaway starting Tuesday. Price was modest.

After finding zero documentation anywhere telling me anything about how to use the external card storage, I decided to allocate a second \Music folder (as exists in the primary storage) and just copy the rest of my MP3 folders into it.

For some reason, the micro->SD adapter that came with the 16GB card doesn't seem compatible with the built-in SD card reader in my computer, so I once again used the portable USB reader/writer I'd purchased, which includes a micro socket. Anyway, the copy from my D:\MP3 source to the Q:\Music target went just fine.

Now what do I do?

(1) I presumed that the card would insert securely into the external storage socket behind the cover, on the bottom edge of the player (right next to the USB socket). However the card did NOT go all the way in, and remain in (so that I could then close the cover and have it snap shut and remain closed).

Instead, it kind of reached a "springy" bottom when I pushed it in as far as I could. Had it remained in that far then I would have been able to close the cover tight. But it didn't remain in that far.

In fact, it kind of popped back out a bit (from that springy bottom, projecting just a bit outside of the plane of the bottom edge of the player. And even if I tried to close the cover and snap it shut, it would not snap shut. Apparently the inserted card was somehow preventing the cover from closing all the way down and having its "tongue" catch on whatever projection is supposed to catch it, to facilitate the latched closing of the cover.

==> Is the card supposed to remain inserted in the player? Or is it only used temporarily? Or what?

If it's supposed to remain inserted then how do you close the cover? Mine doesn't close securely with the card inserted, and the card does not seem to insert 100% and remain in solid 100%. It seems to be being pushed out slightly but something springy at the bottom of its travel inside the socket.

What am I doing wrong?

Now if the card is not properly seated, that might explain the next mysterious symptoms. But if it's actually supposed to sit that way, kind of partially out of the socket, well that's odd. There's only one way the card can be inserted (printed side "up") and I confirmed that by trying to insert it upside-down and it would not go. So I'm certain I'm trying to do the right thing... but it does not go all the way and "snap" as I would expect.

(2) Leaving the cover slightly ajar, but with the card inserted as far as it would go and then pushed back a bit, I turned on the J3. I fully expected that the contents of the \Music folder on the external card would automatically be concatenated with the contents of the \Music folder on the primary storage, making the combined sum total of all folders from both \Music directories scanned at boot time and then available for searching and playing.

Is this right? If not, then how am I supposed to populate the external card? How do I get music folders placed on the card to be summed with the music folders on primary storage so that the total combined contents of music from both locations is available for search and play?

Doesn't the external storage contents just get added to the primary storage contents (invisible to me, the user) and it's all now searchable and playable? That's why I named the folder on the card \Music, but I may just have been guessing (since there's no documentation). Should I have called it something other than \Music??

I'm going to assume that's true, and that I ultimately should have a total of 64GB max of combined capacity... and that I can put music folders on both storage devices.

Well... it didn't work.

(3) Assuming that it was correctly inserted, ZERO of the 108 folders (under \Music on the card) appeared in any of the lists shown on the J3. None of the artists represented by those 108 folders, and none of the folder names themselves appear under [Folders] -> J3 -> Music.

It's like the card either was not seen, or I should have named the primary folder something other than \Music. On the off-chance it should have been something different I renamed it \Music2 and tried this all again. But no luck. Still seems invisible.

(4) Is the external storage card supposed to get a second drive letter to Windows (when you connect the player using the USB cable)? It didn't.

Can you read/write to the external card while it's inserted, separate from read/write to primary storage? I would think that somehow two drive letters or primary folder names would be needed to support that. So why don't I see two drive letters?

==> please help.

If the card is not properly inserted, then most of my mysterious problems above can be tossed... since the card is obviously not yet visible to anything or anyone.

So, how do I get the card to stay "clicked in" so that I can close the cover door and have it snap shut (which I assume I'm supposed to be able to do, but can't... because the card keeps springing out slightly or blocking the latch for the cover door)? And of course, if the card actually does get "snapped in" and locked, where is the "eject" button to release the lock and get it to pop back out so I can remove it?

Then, assuming I learn how to insert the card, how am I actually supposed to populate music on the card so that the sum of both card storage and primary storage appears in my music lists, for search and play?

Will I see TWO separate devices under Windows when connected with USB, which would then allow me to read/write to either primary or external storage? Or will the separateness of external storage when the card's inserted be invisible to Windows?

And if I need to read/write to the card only externally (if it can't be read/written via Windows while inserted into the player) then how should I place music folders on that card to "sum" those folders with primary storage folders? Does it get \Music or \Music2 or something else entirely?

Many thanks for any helpful advice.
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