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Default sansa E250 R wont turn on

Bought sansa E 250 R and had been enjoying it for the past one year. I had connected it to usb on my computer ( repaired) and it had shown as power surge. After that i am unable to charge my mp3 player.When connected to a wall unit or computer, it switches on..but the moment it is shows "Batter low..shutting down" and shuts off.. This is happening even after a change in the battery..pls. help.
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If the player works when it connected to a wall charger but dies when you disconnect you seem to need a replacement battery. Take off the back cover, remove the battery and check for corrosion, damage or scorch marks due to the power surge. Hopefully the power surge didn't fry anything in the charging circuit. If everything seems to be OK I would order another battery online.

Check Amazon or ebay. You should be able to find one for around $10 shipped. Be careful when you remove the 4 small screws on the back. They are really easy to lose and it's tough to find replacements. The player works without them but you need to find a way to hold it together.
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ive got the same issue.. friends sansa e200r. he said it was working fine but some reason it just died. i know not too helpful there.
i can get it into recovery mode while its plugged into the pc. but just like krishnabvr if i unplug it from usb it says battery low.. shutting down. i was able to get it charged a little leaving it in overnight so the battery isnt totally dead. but when i put the firmware on the drive in windows and unplug it doesnt reboot past the logo.
he says the battery is fine and i pulled it out of the player to check it. no marks of surge or anything.
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"he says the battery is fine"

Based on what?
Have you used a voltmeter to measure the battery voltage with and without a load?
What are the voltage readings?
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I agree with the others. It does seem like a battery issue. A small cost just to test the theory.
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Thank you all for all the comments..replaced the battery too..but still the same problem..i doubt whether it might have fried the usb cable or the charging circuit as told by skip to find out..does any one know about the SMD fuse..or where i can find this on the player..pls. help me out..
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