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Default Wish list: up/down and ENTER buttons

One of my most immediate reactions to the user interface of the J3 is that there is no "keyboard-like" set of controls, to allow something like single-click precise user control. For one, I keep seeming to always be selecting the one-below the one I really want to select with my finger when I tap on something, though this may take just a bit more practice and getting used to.

But in particular I a bit frustrated being forced to do everything by finger scrolling on the screen, especially when I'm looking at a "list" of things I am browsing through and want to select one from.

For example, I'm playing a track from within a folder. And now I want to change the music and play some other track in that folder. Well, first there is no "track list" popup window to ask for and select from. Instead, the "back" arrow button is used to go back to the track list from which I originally selected from in order to get the track that is currently playing. So while I'm listening to the current track playing, on the screen I'm now back in the track list for the folder. I can accept that as perfectly appropriate.

But the current track being played is not highlighted in some way (like BOLD, or maybe with a "*" next to it, or something), so I really don't know what I'm listening to right now from this list.

Also, if the currently playing selection were somehow highlighted, and then I also had up/down arrow buttons to navigate sequentially... one track at a time up or down... I think that would (for me anyway) probably be what I might opt to use in some situations, rather than using my finger to somewhat imprecisely (at least for now) tap on a random track. The highlight should move with the up/down navigation in some visible way, and then I should be able to push an "ENTER" button to select that item.

Maybe I'm expecting too much, and am just not used to all of this finger-scrolling stuff yet (since I don't have a "smart phone").

But I do find the fact that I cannot navigate from the track list presentation, to change the song being played by any other method than tapping on the desired song on the screen list... well that's annoying. I can't stop the currently playing song (still playing in the background, while I'm looking at the track list for the folder) without getting back into the player presentation, since there are no player controls on the track list presentation nor is there any way to get a drop-down player control set (say by tapping on the menu bar or something special on the menu bar), while still having the track list shown and while still having the current track playing in the background.

I guess I'll just have to get used to how to best make this happen, but even in my short experience I find myself wanting to change tracks "intelligently" (i.e. by seeing the folder's track list and choosing from that) rather than "dumbly" by simply skipping forward or backward one track with no knowledge of what the next track will be.

I find myself wanting to stop the music while looking at the current folder's track list, but can't. I find the absence of any onscreen player controls (to manage whatever is currently playing) while having navigated back and now looking at a "list" of tracks, folders, artists, etc, to be frustrating.

I find myself wanting to know just where I am right now (i.e. what track is actually playing, when it is playing in the background) when I use the "back" arrow and thus while I'm looking at the folder's track list from which I last selected the track currently playing, but there is no indication or highlight of the current track being played.

I find myself wanting to use a something like a "keyboard approach" (instead of always using a mouse, i.e. finger) for precise (if less than elegant) single-step navigation and ENTER.
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