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Default D2 thinks hold button is on when it's not

I was just wondering if anybody's had a similar problem and if it's a software problem rather than a hardware problem:

A few days ago my D2 started registering the hold button as on (like when you slide the power switch over to the right) even though hold is definitely not on. At first it would flicker on and off, and I could use it occasionally, but now it's stuck. It registers hold as being constantly on as soon as I power up the player. Obviously this means I can't use the player, can't change songs, can't navigate the menus, and so on.

It sounds to me like it's a hardware fault. I thought I might check here to see if anybody knows any possible method of fixing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Here's a guess

The hold/on/off state button is a 3 position switch. That switch has a post which engages with a two-post bracket on the external button/slider. My best guess is that the internal switch has gotten out of alignment with the external button somehow. I'd try opening up your D2 and checking.

While you have it open you can verify that the switch that the actual switch is working and then figure out how the interface with the external switch is malfunctioning.

You may find the Cowon iAudio D2 Disassembled article helpful.

I don't know of any actual disassembly guide but I seem to recall it's just remove the screws and pull/pry gently. If you are really nervous I can probably post a walkthrough.
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Thanks, but I actually managed to fix it but thrashing the on switch from left to right really quickly. It's probably not the safest and most conventional way to deal with the problem, but it's certainly fixed the issue. From my guess what you've said is probably correct; it was probably an alignment issue. It's been working for a week now, so hopefully it's fixed.

I haven't used the hold state again though, just to stay on the safe side.
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