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Default Headphone Recommendations

I've been meaning to get a decent set of cans for a while now, but am new to high-end audio.

  • $150-200 CAD
  • Full-size, preferably semi-open or closed but not priority.
  • Mainly using these @ PC for music > movies.
  • I have a 120gb iPod that I just recently fixed, so I'll be using them with that too.
  • Making beats with FL Studio (this is solely a hobby and NOT priority).
I listen to everything. Hip-hop, Rock, Electro, Metal, Classical, Dubstep/DnB, and the list goes on. I'd like to say I listen to hip-hop the most, but my library is huge I do listen to every genre religiously.

When I first started shopping around, it never occurred to me that I'd have to take an amp into consideration, because I honestly didn't even know of them. I need your advice here as well as it is a pretty big factor when deciding which cans I'm going to purchase. Should I aim for some that are not amp-dependent, or would I be an idiot not to get one?

I've been looking at the HD555's. Call me picky, but I can't say I like the modern look. I'd much prefer a style similar to most AKG full-sized headphones.

Thanks a lot
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Ahh damnit, wrote up a long post detailing why I dont have time to write long posts and even that got lost due to login timeouts ;D

Anyway too much to recommend, Beyerdynamic has a bunch of good ones, but what your looking for is a easy to drive set of headphones. So needs to be something in the 32-60ohm range. The Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT990 are 2 good all round cans to go for, the newest ones can even be found at the 32ohm mark. AKG doesn't really have anything that great, except maybe their legacy drummers headphones the K240 but even those are a bit out dated. Ultrasone HFI780 are a cult classic here, lots of people have got them after the review here and since they can be gotten for fairly cheap if you shop around.

In your price range I would really shop around, lots of good headphones that cost 250-300$ can drop to near 200$ and be a real bargain. My last set, the Denon D2000 I got for about 230$ which was a steal. Especially with this still unstable economy you never know what kind of deals you can get, even shopping in Europe might not be a crazy idea since the currency has droped considerably, aslong as you can get the item tax free that is. I guess what I'm mainly trying to say is, better you find something that piques your interest and then ask us weather or not its a good deal
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