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Default Help with rockbox EQ

I've been using the rockbox equalizer with my sr60s to improve the sound, and I've been successful. But I'm not a sound engineer, and would like some advice from those who have experience mixing and working with equalizers. For instance, if I want to boost the bass, I thought initially that I'd just boost the low end. Now I've read here, and online, that this practice is not as effective as simply lowering the mids and highs. So basically, I'm looking for experienced help.

Below is the frequency graph for the grado sr60s, taken from headroom. My goal is to raise the sub-bass to audible levels (preferably with some visceral impact), keep the mids the same, and remove a bit of the harshness the sr60s sometimes present (not attenuate the highs which I enjoy, just the harshness). So, using the rockbox EQ, what should my settings be for the: center frequency, gain, and Q?

Thank you!

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center frequency, gain, and Q: You have a good explanation about that here: Parametric equalization

Anyway I also have interest in this topic. It would be nice if more experienced people could give some tips. Bump!
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You may want read this article in recording review here.

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Nice article WalkGood, thank you. After reading it I searched for a table to help locating the frequencies of the different sounds. I found this post that has some information that Computer Music Magazine published at December 2005. Here is an extract that could be a starting point for equalizing, at least for newbies like me:

useful frequencies for several instruments:

Voice: presence (5 kHz), sibilance (7.5 - 10 kHz), boominess (200 - 240 kHz), fullness (120 Hz)

Electric Guitar: fullness (240 Hz), bite (2.5 kHz), air / sizzle (8 kHz)

Bass Guitar: bottom (60 - 80 Hz), attack (700 - 1000 Hz), string noise (2.5 kHz)

Snare Drum: fatness (240 Hz), crispness (5 kHz)

Kick Drum: bottom (60 - 80 Hz), slap (4 kHz)

Hi Hat & Cymbals: sizzle (7.5 - 10 kHz), clank (200 Hz)

Toms: attack (5 kHz), fullness (120 - 240 Hz)

Acoustic Guitar: harshness / bite (2 kHz), boominess (120 - 200 Hz), cut (7 - 10 kHz)
More information in the original post.
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