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Old 07-04-2010, 10:54 PM
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Default J3 support for "album art": ID3 or %albumname%.jpg or ???

Still awaiting the arrival of my J3, and I'm still struggling to get my [perhaps defective] 32GB microSDHC card to load (to full capacity) without BWZAAP corruption of the FAT32 directory...

But in the meantime I'm still researching the use of "cover art" and MP3, and how I might best go about doing that with maximum convenience.

I currently have album art JPGs for each and every one of my 1000+ CDs, as managed by Musifind Pro (my CD database software). However the names of those JPGs as stored were assigned by MFP on a purely numeric basis, e.g. 00000001.jpg, 00000002.jpg, etc.

The JPGs themselves were either (a) downloaded automatically (by MFP) from AllMusic (where they are relatively small size, e.g. 200x200, but from virtually complete album art database), or (b) manually then overlaid by me with larger (500x500) and better quality images retrieved from CDNow (i.e. Amazon) where users upload their own high-quality scanned images.

Anyway, they are simply numbered JPGs in the MFP database, associated with the album's entry in the MFP database.

I want to get those same JPGs to appear whenever I play an MP3 track from that album... either on my computer with Winamp, or on my someday-will-arrive new J3.

On Winamp 5.572 that I use, there is built-in support for "album art" presented in a new window. This supports JPGs that are either (a) imbedded directly into the ID3 tag, as the APIC frame within the ID3v2 tag fields, or (b) placed in the folder containing the MP3 file with a name corresponding to the "album" name from the ID3 tag. If the folder organization is that it matches the "album" name for all MP3s contained within that folder, then I guess you could describe it as "foldername.jpg", but I actually do believe it's looked for as "%album%.jpg", so that you can actually have multiple album art JPGs within a single MP3 folder, each tied to various MP3 files which have that same "album" name in their ID3 tag.

If the album art is imbedded within the ID3 tag itself, it can also be displayed on the "album art" tab from the "display file info" dialog. But if present in this way it will for sure be shown in the "album art" window as the track plays. I suspect if a JPG is present in the ID3 tag and a %album%.jpg is also present in the folder, that the ID3 tag JPG version will take precedence for display in the album art window.

Obviously, it makes more sense from an efficiency perspective to put a single JPG in a given MP3 folder (which corresponds to an album, if that's what my organization scheme is... which it is) than to imbed that same JPG multiple times inside of the ID3 tags for each MP3 file within that folder.

However given my current MFP database for those "numerically named" JPGs, I will have to manually rename each one (to "albumname.jpg") if I copy it into each target album MP3 folder. That's a lot of manual effort.

On the other hand, I can use MP3TAG to instantly imbed each currently named (numeric) JPG into the ID3 tag of every MP3 file in a given MP3 album folder, with virtually zero effort... but at the cost of replicating that JPG multiple times (i.e. identically in each and every MP3 file in that folder), thus increasing file space used.

Either approach will work with Winamp, and the pros and cons of each approach are obvious.

My question concerns the Cowon J3. If album art IS supported, is it supported via either method as Winamp supports?

Or is it only supported in one particular way (imbedded in the ID3 tag or placed as albumname.jpg in the MP3 folder, but not both)?

Or is there yet some other unique method used by the J3 that I need to adhere to as part of this album art project?

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