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Default What should I know about the Zune HD?

Well I just bought a ZUNE HD 16gb new from ebay for 150$!

I'm probably going to receive it Tuesday-Thursday next week, and I would like to know what should I do when I get it, what are the best things about the zune and must know things!

Should I fully charge it before doing anything or what? Do i have to register it?

What are some tip/tricks
thanks guys!!
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1. register it on
2. download the zune software for your computer (also
3. you can download games (free) or songs (using zune pass/points) directly onto your zune using the marketplace
4. definitely charge it as much as possible before using it. it seems to have really good battery life, so once it's charged, you should have plenty of time to mess around with it.

I love my zune hd! It is the best media player on the market right now. It should be noted that apps are not top priority for this particular device. More apps are supposed to be coming, but there is no guarantee how many will ultimately be released. The apps currently found on the HD are great quality, it's just lacking in quantity. But all apps are free, which is way cool! Videos look amazing on the HD, and the sound quality is fantastic. It also has HD radio, which is a nice feature.
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Internet browsing is pretty fast on mobile websites. I experience some problems rendering the desktop version of certain websites, but the internet feature is great for times when a computer is not available.
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Buy a skin for it, this one, but it's not out yet.

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download the software now, and get your collection set up, think about any playlists you might want, and (if your collection is too big to fit) what sync mode you will use. Also start subscribing to podcasts if they interest you.
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you should get some music in the meantime. or get some movies. start making your playlists in the zune software

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