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Default R1 (and I think R0 too) lyrics? Yes we can!

First of all, just some asiatic R0 and R1 can read lyric (korean and chinese for example) so the first fing to do is to change the region code of our player in the korean one, we have to create a text file and copy this inside:
(for the R0 i think it should work too just changing R1 with R0). Then we have to rename this file in config.dat and copy the file into the player's root. The player will take some time to restart and it will delate the old skin preferences. To see the lyrics we have to play a song, go in the "Music play screen" and choose lyric. Then we have to put the lyric directly in the song. To do this we have to download "iAudio LRB manager", once we have installed it we have to go in the program's folder and put inside this two file and
Open the program and choose YP-P2 then find the song and:
1)double click on the song and search an already made lyric then double click on the right one
2)select the song, click the "edit" button and create youre own lyric playng the song and syncronizing it before start a phrase and then put the phrase on the column lyrics next the time you synced, repeat this for the entire song, when you've finished you have to click on the "marking" button
3)select the song, click the "edit" button and select open to open an .lrc that you found somwhere else. You can also create an .lrc file, just create a text file this way
[ar:artist's name]
[la:song's name]
where mm are the minutes of the phrase (00, 01, 02 etc...) ss are the seconds (00, 01, 02...58, 59) cc are the centesimal (00, 01, 02...98, 99) lalala1 is the first phrase lalala2 is the the end you have the rename the text file into whatyouwant.lrc (whatyouwant is just a way to say that you can name the file as you wish)

The last thing to do is t put the song into the player and look if it works.

You will see something like this

(the photo is distorted 'cause i had to use a magnifying glass)

Edit: With korean region code you'll lose the battery widget, with the chinese one you'll get both lyrics and battery widget.
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