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Default Dual-headed usb cable for charging

Just wondered if anyone had tried one of these on the clip?

I have one (a cheaper one off ebay!) and using one of the usb plugs gives data+power, and using the other one gives power only (allowing charging without the screen being on).

It should be safe if I plug both in, as it should still supply 5V, but I haven't tried it just in case. There should be more current available, but since the Clip+ wouldn't "know" about this, I guess it wouldn't draw any more.
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I have one of these, and use it when my sansa cable was lost somewhere on my desk. I used it with only one plug connected, and i don't think plugging in both would change charging time.
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These cables are meant for external hd's where a single usb port may not be able to supply sufficient current for the device. One connector is data+power, the other is just power. Plugging them both in shouldn't do any harm, but using the power one only should enable you to use the player while charging although I haven't verified that.
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Very interesting idea, for those who sometimes want to play their Clip through a computer!
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