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Default v moda vibe's

yes i got them, and all i can say is i love them!! there tiny and they sound awesome. but from what ive read, they sound better after you "burn" them in. ive seen 10 hours 100 and up to 200 hours. now thats just playing music right? i can do that, but eh.. ill use them to get them burned in!! but this is not my problem right now. see, compared to all the guys who are the same size as me(6'3" 230lbs of not pure muscle) i have a large head. but when i first tried the vibes for the first time, i wouldnt say they hurt, just a mild annoyance. but even the smallest silcone fittings are too big!! but just bearly. these things came with 4 small, medium and large fittings. im using the 2 black smallest ones. could i take the white ones, turn them inside out and then cut away at some of the silicone to make it smaller? i think its worth a shot because i like the black ones anyway, if i mess up the white ones, o well..
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