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Default File Support & Apps

i'm considering getting a j3 but i have never had a cowon so i have a few stupid questions.
- i have tons of mp4 files and would like to know whether i can play them on the j3.
- can it play mov files?
- i often need a well displayed countdown timer or at least stopwatch. does the timer of the j3 display the remaining time or is there an app that can do either?
- are there any flashcard apps for the j3, like for learning vocabulary?
- do apps for the S9 or other cowon players work on the j3?

just in case, does anybody happen to know, if the zune HD can repeat sections (A-B) like the j3 does?

thanks a lot for answers to any of those questions!
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The latest firmware has a stopwatch app. included.
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Some MP4 videos will play. It depends on the audio codecs used inside.
No, it doesn't see MOV files.
I don't know if there are any flashcard apps.
Many S9 Flash apps run fine on the J3. Some don't.
I can't find A-B on my Zune HD, so no.

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.. that clarifies it all quite a bit. just by any chance: would any of you know if the talks from run on the j3? (btw, if you don't know them, you should; it's the most intelligent entertainment i've found on the web; try for a start, but many are as good).
i still think i'll get the j3 but i'm a little disappointed because i came to cowon in the first place because of their reputation for being able to play so many kinds of files; now, it turns out they can't even do essentials and really aren't better than ipods at all in that respect. why can't these things have a player like vlc on them that just plays plain everything you throw at it? is there any chance these things that these things will be addressed by firmware updates (or hacks or whatever) or are they set in stone?
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apps, file support, mov, mp4, stopwatch

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