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Default No EQ setting for each file?

I know this is anythingbutipod, but my previous player was an ipod so it's difficult not to compare/contrast my J3 with my ipod. :-)

So the question is this: am I able to associate a separate EQ setting for each file? As a comparison, my ipod allows me to set a separate EQ preset setting for each song. Thus far, I haven't been able to do that with the J3. Whenever I change the EQ preset for one file on the J3, it'll stay with that EQ preset for every other file I play afterward until I change the EQ preset again. I can't seem to associate an EQ preset to an individual file. If I can't somehow associate a unique EQ preset to each song, I'll be very disappointed. In my view, how can a player/brand that's touted for having the BEST SQ not have the ability to tag each song with a different EQ preset? I hope it's just me missing some hidden menu. For me, there's no way that one EQ preset can be used for all the different songs in my collection.

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