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Wow, we did get sidetracked a bit on this thread...Apologies!

The card reader idea is a good one, but with the OF as soon as you insert the card, it will do the refresh.

Interesting idea tho for me to try this while the device is booted into RB mode and reinsert the card....

could be an awesome workaround...thanks! will test at some point and get back on it, prolly in another thread as we have hijacked this one enuff...


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No problems, I just hope it works...!
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Just spotted another workaround, credit to user BI0906BMXK. Does involve doing a 'hard' shutdown every time you want to change something, but if you *really* want to avoid the refresh...

Confuseling wonders whether this is really safe? I suppose if you make absolutely sure you unmount properly before you shut it off, but I'm not qualified to judge...

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OP back for an update:

A couple of things I was worried that the smaller size of the Clip+ would be a bit 'fiddly' meaning you hold it more with your fingers than you do in your hand. To some extent I was right but it's not something I can't live with. The small, only sligtly raised control pad is not quite as easy to work with 'blind'. I sometimes end up in the menus when what I really wanted was a skip or pause.

What I like best (besides the built in clip) is that I can clip it anywhere depending on what I'm doing and I forget it's there.

All and all it's met my expectation.

I RB'd my Fuze but took it off after a couple of days. The complexity to value just wasn't there for me. (the Fuze died a week later after converting back to OF.)

I do plan to try RB my Clip+ to see how I like it on that device.

So the Clip+, for me, falls into the not as good as I hoped, not as bad as I feared category. If I lost it or was broken I would replace it. My plan is to have both a Clip+ and a Fuze. And use the one which suits the activity the best.

My clip+ is starting to act up. I've ended up in a black screen and needed to do a soft reset. It's happened twice now. After my experience with the Fuze dieing a premature death (ten months) I have my Clip+ receipt.

Don't come here often but love the site.
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