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Default Resume Playback feature mystery


I have four Recorded Books on my Clip+. If I am half way through the first choice (let's say I am at Chapter 10 of 30) and decide to start another, no problem. Now, let say I don't like the second book and stop about 1/4 of the way through (let's say I am at Chapter 3 of 15) and select the third book. Again, no problem. However, the third book is boring and I've decided to go back to the first book. I find the book on the player, push buttons and scroll over until it says, Play All (the chapters in that particular book) and I am prompted with Resume Playback or Start from the Beginning. I select Resume Playback and it starts back at Chapter 1!

Nothing has changed since I started listening except the passing of time.

NOW, let say that between book one and book two, I recharge the device by hooking it up to my computer or other charging device. When I unhook it, the player is exactly where I left it before charging. No problem here. BUT, if I, during this recharging process, decide to add a book or remove a book, then I understand why it doesn't go back to my stopping point by selecting Resume Playback.....but I don't like it.

So, after all this babbling, why during regular selecting of books does it not remember where I stopped listening?

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