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Default Sansa e250 Accessing in Ubuntu Linux 9.04

How do I access my Sansa e250v1 under Ubuntu Linux 9.04 64-bit using RockBox?
I set the USB HID to No and it still does not show up in Linux and if USB HID is set to Yes it still will not show up. It shows up just fine in Windows 2000 as a removable drive and even sees the SD Memory card as a separate removable drive but in Linux it does not see the player at all
I had a similar problem with the Sandisk firmware where if I put it in MTP mode it would only see the player but not the memory card and if I put iy in MSC mode it would sometimes see the player and memory card but most of the time it did not see the player or memory card. I used the same Front USB part with a hub in Windows XP and Linux, with Windows XP it always saw the player and memory card but in Linux it would not see the player or memory card most of the time.
By the way if I do have USB HID set to Yes and mode set to Multimedia control the player acts as it should in Linux and will adjust the volume by turning the blue wheel and play and pause with the appropriate buttons on the Sanas e250 so Linux is recognising it but not as removable drives.
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