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Help A few questions about the j3

Ok, Im thinking about getting the cowon s9 but then i thought, "what if cowon stops working with everything that has to do with the s9 and just moved to the j3?".So i looked at the j3 and i have a few questions about it. (please only people that own the device).

1.When you are playing a flash game that requires the arrow keys, does it have designated buttons for the arrow keys (s9 used the hardware buttons)?

(This^ ? is the main reason i made this thread so at least answer this one please)

2.does the white one look as good as i think it does ?

3.Can you zoom in on pics and vids like the s9?

4.Does it have a .txt viewer?

5.Compared to the s9, hows the sound quality? the speaker good quality?

7.if you are playing a song and you leave to go to look at pics or something, does the song still play?

8.does the shake to go to next song feature work well? the flash player any better than the s9? like, freezes up less?

10.Plays HD video?

11.What file type does the voice recorder save as? the headphone jack in a good spot?

13.can u turn a video sideways either way or is it only 1 way? it worth another 70$ more than the s9?
15.Can someone name just some things that they really like about the j3?

Any answers would be appreciated,

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