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Default Two quick J3 Questions

Hello ABI forum members,

You guys convinced me to buy a P3 when my D2 died ages ago, and I've been loving it since. Well, its nearing the end of its life cycle and I'd like to get a replacement. But I need the following:

1.) A folder browser - Does the J3 have a file browser like the D2 and P3? I have 800 gigs of music, and that's how I've organized my music the last decade. There's no going back.

2.) Native video playback - After having to never convert a single video on the P3 there is no way I will be able to tolerate having to convert videos. If the J3 doesn't, what other players do?

Thanks for your feedback guys, the last two players you recommended have been nothing short of amazing!
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1. Yes
2. It does a pretty good job. Link.
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I don’t understand the Folder Browser feature that everyone talks about. Can someone explain just how this works. On my J3 I have a folder for Jazz, Pop, R&B, Christian. In each folder I can go into the sub- folder and play and album. But some of the artist only have a couple of songs. Is there a way to play then entire folder i.e. all the entire “POP” folder which would include multiple artist?
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