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Default Sleek Audio SA1 Review

Well, I've been using these headphones for a few days now, and I must say, they are pretty good. Here's a quick review. Tested with a Cowon S9 and Acer Aspire One (running Ubuntu).

Packaging and Accessories
The packaging is pretty standard. If you want to see a picture, there's one here. They come with 3 sets of single flanged silicone tips and 3 sets of double flanged silicone, along with a semi-firm carrying case. They also come with adjustable ports-more on that in the design section.

Design and Build Quality
These overall are very well-made headphones. For 80 bucks, you get rosewood and aluminum for your materials, and they are extremely classy. They are very small, smaller than they look in most pictures. They are also very comfortable, with them being so small. I have worn them for hours straight without irritation. The cables are a bit thin, and the stress relief isn't very good, but they are very flexible and should hold up if you treat them with some respect.
A cool thing about these are the replaceable tips on the front of the headphone that will adjust treble response. Silver is a normal response and black shaves off some of the top end. While many reviewers say they enjoyed the black tips, I found the extra treble to be nice for added clarity and transparency.

Sound Quality
These headphones use a single 6mm dynamic driver in each headphone. While that may not sound great for bass response, I was pleasantly surprised. The bass, while not booming, is very naturally resonant and present. Whether that is from the wooden enclosure or something about the driver, I don't know, but it is nice. The bass is warm and accurate, and while not incredibly detailed, is still great to listen to.

Mids, again, are warm and natural. I would say that they're at a good spot in between the analytical Ultimate Ears Super-Fi 3 and the extremely smooth Shure SE110s. They have some of the musicality of the SE110s while maintaining a decent amount of detail.

Treble is bright, but not fatiguing. It floats above the other frequencies nicely and isn't too forward. It mixes and blends well into the mids. I don't have much music that focuses on treble, but I do have lots of rock, and the cymbal crashes and high hats sound pretty good in the texture of the song.

Clarity is decent, though I think it's a good balance. There is enough present to maintain good separation, but the frequencies blend well together as well. Soundstaging is better than most headphones in the price range, but not spectacular. They're pretty fast for dynamic drivers as well.

These headphones are pretty good, and deserving of the $80 pricetag. You can occasionally get deals on Amazon as well, and some go down as low as $50. Definitely worth it.
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