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Old 06-06-2010, 08:58 AM
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Default Zen Vision W: strange battery and hard drive issues

Hello to everyone! I'm experiencing two strange issues with two different ZVWs: the first one (bought used on eBay) has always worked well apart a slight issue with the headphones jack (when I insert the headphones the player turns on by itself and sometimes, I can hear only a bad quality sound and I need to rotate the jack in its place to get everything back to normal, definitively a faulty soldering joint or something similar but not much a problem) but in the last months it has started to fail in sensing the battery charge level. It said it was discharged while it was fully charged and even failed to charge it up. For some weeks I was able to overcome that issue trying and trying again till it 'sensed' the battery and everything was fine.
Now it doesn't switch on anymore (blinking blue led as when the battery is completely dead) and it doesn't succeed to charge it while it works fine when connected to an AC adapter. I'd like to point out that I've tested the battery to be fully working with a friend's player.
At this point I've decided to buy a faulty ZVW to swap the motherboards... I've found a good deal for a ZVW fully working apart from it going to recovery mode (faulty hard drive, I tought) and I've decided to buy it and use my ZVW hard drive and keep the rest for spares but even this one proved to be an 'enigma'... It doesn't work even with the hard drive and the flat coming from my previous ZVW, it still goes to recovery mode with an hard drive problem message.
Are these common faults with the ZVW and is there a simple way to overcome them (maybe changing a component on the motherboard, I don't know)?
Thanks to everyone!

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