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Angry My Sony nwz-s544 review

The Screen

The screen is made out of candy. It got scratched almost instantly in the first week. I usually carry it in my pocket and the damage is getting worse and worse, all smudgy too. Why wouldn’t they bundle this thing with the silicon cover. It is too late to buy one after the damage is done! To compare, I have a crappy Samsung phone and even that has a better scratch resistant screen. Wow.

Another thing that is weird is the flickering. It starts to flicker when I turn the device on, but not every time. It wasn’t there when I first got it so I thought I did something wrong, but then I read I am not the only one with this problem.

Third problem is the noise. I tried this over and over and now I am sure. At the 4th brightness level it makes a hissing noise. Why o why did they not use a better screen?

Battery Life

I usually use it for running. So after a 20 minute run, the batter is gone down one teeth. This makes it what? 80 minutes on one charge.


One reason I got this one over its cheaper brother is it has speakers. The speaker on my Sony Ericsson was just awesome; loud and clear. After I loaded my walkman with music I tried to give it a go when my friends were around. Oh my God! I turned it off immediately. It is so tiny and annoying. I can’t use it at all.


I can never use this thing when it is in my pocket. I skip a song or stop it when I try to change its position (its square-ish so it always moves in the pocket). Also the volume rocker do not work when the hold is on, unlike the walkman phones. That is just dumb. Even when the device it in my hands it is difficult to use them.


Sound quality is awesome. If you can hear it. Actually this device doesn’t need volume rocker buttons since I always use it in the highest possible volume. When I was using it with the bundled headphones, I couldn’t hear a thing in the train or metro. Then I spent another 50 Euros for Sony headphones. Now at least I can hear my songs.

One thing I loved in my sony ericsson was the Mega Bass. Even with the bundled headphones it was stunning. How come this thing does not have it? All it has is a crappy Unique equalizer preset, and when I choose it volume goes down. I use it when I want to go to sleep on a train.


I have never been so disappointed with a Sony device before. I used a Walkman, Discman, and a Sony Ericsson walkman phone. They were all great, especially the strong bass sound in all of them. I was about to buy a Cowon iAudio 9 4GB (100 Euros, same price as the sony) but it wasn’t available in the store at the moment. My friend told me to go with an ipod shuffle and I didn’t listen. It would have been better with any other thing but the nwz-s544.
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