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Default New UI idea

Hey all,
i thought of this while on my plane ride back home and wanted to hear what you all think.

Here it is: It's all changes to the artist page. Right now we have the ribbon thats ALBUMS SONGS PICTURES BIO RELATED ARTIST. what if they changed it to be MUSIC VIDEOS NOTES with sub ribbons in each. so it would be something like this MUSIC songs, albums VIDEOS NOTES lyrics, bio, pictures, related artists

watcha guys think? improvements?
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Yeah it's not bad but I think one problem would be getting back to where you want to be...I think they created the metro theme to easily go back but if you allow the user to dig too deep, they will then probably find it easier to go back home and start again to get where they want to be, which is cumbersome...
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That's doing too much. Why would you press "music" just to go to "songs" its like going to China to America and stoping at Hawaii ,wouldn't work.
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Eh, I like it the way it is. I don't want sublevels, that's way too much navigation. BUT, I do like the idea of including Video (so it would look like ALBUMS SONGS PICTURES BIO RELATED VIDEO), and it would only be listed if you have videos with that artist tagged in it.
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