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Default Has anyone tried the Samsung 120GB HS12YHA?

First of all. BIG THANKS to everyone who has contributed to this board. I recently decided to replace my 100GB Zen Xtra with a Zen Vision M, and this forum as been a tremendous learning resource for me.

After doing some research and patiently waiting, I was lucky to find a Vision M in great shape on Craigslist for $40! It came installed with the 30GB Hitachi HTC426030G5CE00 Travelstar drive.

Anyway, I want, and need, to do an HDD upgrade to get more space.

The Samsung HS082HB looks like a great choice: 80GB, 5mm, 4200rpm, 8MB cache, confirmed to work by members of this board, etc.

However, believe it or not, I really could use more space than that.(I collect lots of audiobooks and lectures.)

Samsung has a larger drive (120GB) called the HS12YHA that appears to be compatible.

I've seen no reference at all to this drive in Vision M forums here, and I'm not sure why. It is 1.8", 5mm thick, PATA, 8MB buffer, ZIF connector, and exactly the same size as the Hitachi Travelstar currently in the player.

The specs are here.

The only downside seems to be that it rotates at 3600rpm rather than 4200rpm. However, the average seek and latency numbers look pretty close to the Hitachi Drive.

Two questions:

1) Does anyone have experience with this drive? Is there any reason to believe that it won't work in a ZVM that came with the Travelstar?

2) Does anyone have experience with the practical difference between a 3600rpm and 4200rpm drive in their ZVM? Is there any appreciable difference in performance (e.g., interface or startup lags, etc.)?

If the smart folks here all think it looks good, I don't mind being the guinea pig and testing it. I can post the results of the upgrade.

Thanks for any and all responses.
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