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Help Questions about HD650 to dfkt

I was originally going to PM this to dfkt, since it is an individual question, but I guess other people might want to know to, so I'll just put it in the forum and hope he sees it.

Hi dfkt,

[skip to * for just questions without background]

I saw your post concerning the poor performance of AMP3 and HiFiMan and I was pretty pleased to see such a dedicated warning. Honestly it is awful what people get away with.

Anyway, on further reading of your other posts I saw you compare the loss of treble in the HiFiMan to the loss of treble in the HD650. You suggested getting (I think) an AKG701 or something which I guess is considered more true to the source source file? I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic or not, since they are both pretty ludicrously expensive headphones and it might have been more of your satire. Unfortunately I do own the HD650, and I've seen the k702 (black 701) on ebay for half price...

Anyway, my questions are


Is HD650 really losing higher frequencies? I enjoy violin and female vocals, so this is important to me.

Is K701/2 a better phone in terms of faithfulness to the track?

Are the losses actually audible, or is it something almost no one would notice even with both phones?


Thanks a lot for your time. I do like my HD650s since they're very comfortable (why do companies need 500 dollars just to make something comfortable...) but I do wonder if they are not what one might call neutral. Being a lurker of HydrogenAudio, I've come to be very skeptical about all audio equipment, and just started assuming the biggest difference between headphones was their comfort and their type (circumaural, open, earbuds, IEMs... etc). It'll disappoint me if my HD650s are not so faithful to music, but I guess getting ripped off is a part of life.
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