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Default ...and also got my Super Fi.5 v2!

Yeah... two days after getting my HF5s... I ordered these on the day I got my HF5s actually. Amazon's bad for the wallet!

Packaging is nice. Not as fancy as the Ety HF5s, but easy to open and get to, and good enough looking: silver and red. Feels professional without extra fuss, while the Ety's packaging felt very classy.

The phones come with:

Small plastic pouch: doesn't feel very solid, but handy enough for now. More solid than the reinforced cloth pouch that came with the Etys, but probably less durable.
4 pairs of white gel tips, amongst which two of medium size: good enough choice there.
2 pairs of foamys of the same size: would have prefered 1x medium + 1x small or two different sized pairs at least. But I guess this way UE caters to the biggest part of the distribution curve... it's a business after all. They're a tiny bit small for me, but will do decently well for a long train or plane ride.
Tip/phone cleaner: the same that came with my Sennheiser CX500s, a stick with a tiny wire piece at the top.

I paid about 58 euros for these; at this price, it punches way above. But for the advised price of about 130 euros in shop, it feels relatively decent. I'd still want a better case and maybe extension cable or airplane attenuator adapter for instance but the accessories are at least of decent quality.

The phones feel sturdy, look very good and the cable is of good quality, without as much microphonics as the truly horrible cable on the Senns CX500s. not much to say there except that the plug feels a little on the light side and is of the straight variety; I much prefer an angled plug. it doesn't feel as cheap as the Klipsch S4's though which is always good news. Cable is thicker too.

The phones are very comfortable and I had no issue getting a right fit with the included tips!! It's a nice change compared to the Ety HF5s and the Klipsch S4s (weirdly enough, the S4s' tips which didn't fit me very well give me a good enough fit when on the Etys...). Only issue I have regarding comfort is that the thicker cable is felt when worn over the ear, under the glasses' branches. That's minor though. The CX500 feel the same in this regard.

Sound... well I was very surprised, nicely so, by the first listen.
Soundstage is good. Better than all my phones so far. Not in a 'ZOMGSOUNDSTAGEBATMAN' way but in a nice, fun way. It's just wide enough to notice, without being overwhelmed.
There is more than enough bass on these. It's not of the smooth variety as on the Etys, or the 'big' variety as on the Klipsch. Instead it feels more like a slightly pushed, natural bass. I like the effect a lot. I read that the PFEs have roughly the same quantity, which is really making me want to try them too!

Clarity is there too. Not as clinical as the HF5s, but again, noticeable enough.

I guess the S4s also feel like a 'fun' pair of headphones... In this respect the SF.5 can be seen as a 'more', but similar feel to the S4. Not for critical listening, but great everyday phones with better bass and clarity.
Treble is very clear; again, improvement over the S4s, and quite pleasing to the ear. I don't hear any frequencies that I would like ironed out. In fact, the phones feel balanced, with maybe a tiny dip in the mids. Not enough to bother me or disrupt clarity.

There IS a hiss. Big deal. When you play music you can't even hear it. I didn't even know it was there until I went from silent MP3 player to turned off MP3 player, then it's noticeable. Won't bother me.
I use a Sony A729 with only MP3 files.

I'll add more things later, I've only listened to them for about an hour so far!

After a couple more hours:

The right ear tip is burning (just a tiny bit too big = big discomfort) so I replaced it with a cheap Sennheiser bi-flange that came with the CX500s. Much better.
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