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Default Got my HF5:

Well I finally got back to Lux so I got my HF5s today.

First impressions:

1) Packaging is very, very nice. Comes with a nice nylon case, a lot of tips (2 x triple flanges, foams and mushrooms (no other way to describe these really :s), a filter remover and an extra set of filters. Very professional and reassuring presentation
2) They look very good! That Ruby red is quite a nice color
3) They're light and small. Well small... I mean they're a tube so...

Sound wise, I honestly have trouble judging: not a single set of including tips fit my ears properly. The small flanges go deep but it's not that comfortable and I get a lot of wax on them very quickly. The big flanges don't fit at all. The foams are too big. The mushrooms are a little too big and don't go deep enough to make a decent, steady seal.
So I did my best with the small flanges and shrooms today, but it's a little disappointing that all the tips offered with it are for medium to large ears. I'm 5'9 so it's not like I'm THAT small either :s

However I did notice that they feel very linear. Keep in mind I also use some Klipsch S4s and Sennheiser CX500s, so most earphones would feel linear compared to these But the hf5 have a very smooth, soft bass, which does feel recessed... I boosted it using the EQ on my Sony, but not too much.
These phones really excel on the highs. They feel very natural to me, no harshness of any kind. Honestly, it's hard to judge a very neutral sounding earphone when you're used to bass heavy, mainstream models. They feel less impressive until you realise what you get: now I know I can listen to my music closer to the way it was recorded, which is what always interested me the most.
The cable feels of rather good quality too, but the plug and strain relief feel below average. I only paid about 65 euros for these, and they feel better built than the Klipsch S4s: however for earphones which would normally have cost 130 or so euros, I am a little disappointed. Still, those are the bottom line of Etymotics, so I'll put up with it.

Now to try all the different tips I have and figure out which fit me... I couldn't use the S4 because of this, and now the HF5s feel like they may go down the same road... shame, really :/
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