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Default Life v1.1 & v1.2 updates

My first app. Not a killer app, but I have always found this interesting.
Basic instructions are contained in program, click help screen to bypass, it is self explanatory after that.
The images are simple not elaborate. There is a delay setting which can be used while 'stopped'. The purpose of the delay is to enable the 'action' to be observed, zero has no delay. Exit with home button. Stop may seem unresponsive but it is caused by the delay. While stopped automata may be added/removed.

Of course it could probably be faster, but for what reason?
It could have more elaborate images for buttons but I don't see a reason.
The code undoubtedly can be improved, I have as yet basic knowledge of this device, though I have coded in Delphi etc.

Please advise on bad technique or where it could have been simplified etc. etc. etc. I cannot find any bugs but it is 'written' that somebody else will.
I hope you enjoy it (for a little while anyway).
I did notice that overwriting text in background colour did not write in exactly the same place and left a faint image, something wrong there, so I changed it.
As a starter try a pattern of 'T', which will give about 110 generations.

ps. The icon is the screenshot as well

v1.1 clears the Mini Grid on Start then displays the current Cursor content on Stop, ready for additional editing.
v1.2 New 'Step' function that permits seeing the interim stage of births & deaths that will occur after the current generation, plus readme file.
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