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This 400mAh battery might fit (it's thicker by 1.9mm).

This bat: 35mm x 30mm x 4mm

Sansa bat: 35mm x 28.7mm x 2.1mm (from earlier post)

how much wiggle room do we have on the thickness? somebody mentioned there's double-sided foam tape we could get rid of?

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The actual specs for the Sansa Clip+ battery (BAK 323036P) are max 35.5mm x 30mm x 3.3mm. I have a Clip+ splayed out on my desk and just looked this up.

The double-sided tape is a black piece of square foam stuck to one half of the circuit-board-facing side of the battery to cushion it against the NAND chip. It is 2mm thick. There is perhaps 1mm of freedom in battery width and a little over 2mm in length - it's hard to tell exactly because of the inward slope of the rear portion of the case.

The microsd port is on the half of the circuit-board-facing side of the battery that doesn't have the bit of foam, and there is only about 0.5mm of clearance between the battery and the port.

On the backside of the battery there is a thin sticky layer that sticks to the black plastic case, so there is effectively zero clearance there.

Here is a shot of the circuit board from the rockbox wiki.

In short, there's a decent possibility your battery will fit the case, although it might be a tight squeeze to close it back up. However, the BAK 363830P (330mAh) from the original Clip definitely fits and is available here. Someone else on the Sandisk forums successfully put a Clip battery in a Clip+. The BAK 303038P (300mAh) from the Clip Zip also works and can be found on eBay.

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Originally Posted by edfardos View Post
My clip+ is in the mail, but I'm proactively trying to find a battery replacement solution, preferably with higher capacity, since it appears there's a tad more room in the case if you remove the foam tape, and go a bit longer in length.
Best to not try to fill every bit of space with battery. The batteries swell up when they get old, so gadget designers are told to leave a little bit of space inside the device to allow for this. Otherwise I could imagine a mess resulting, maybe even dangerous (lipo batteries have been known to catch on fire).

Sometimes I think of glueing a small cellphone battery to the back of a Clip, with small wires going into the player through drilled holes. You'd have to take off the pocket clip. A 1000 mAH battery would run the Clip for well over 24h. Total thickness/size would be comparable to the original player with the pocket clip still on it.
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Or, if what you want is 24 hours of charge, get the new Clip Sport, which is rated at that (25 hours, I believe).
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