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Default ZuneHD artist redirection? Miley To Timbaland?

I'm experiencing the weirdest freakin think ever... on my zune certain artists are redirected to other artist views then their own. For instance...

Whenever I play a Miley Cyrus song, she gets directed to Timbaland's profile. I get to see his face when her music is playing. At first I figured it was because I had a song from Shock Value II that she did, so I deleted the song and changed all the tag info to her.

Then I resynced the song and it still directed to him. So i deleted ALL of her music and retagged it all and resynced it and it STILL directs to him. I even left it plugged in until it said 'connected' after it finished syncing.

This is driving me nuts, how the heck do I fix it?

PS This happens with the soundtracks from Glee as well.... It redirects to Destiny's Child, which again I assumed was because they were listed as a couple of composers for a few songs, and again I deleted, re tagged, and resynced all of the Glee music and it still redirects to them... only sometimes it'll direct to 'Glee Cast' and sometimes to 'Destiny's Child'.

What's going on?
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It's nothing weird, it's just that you were probably playing songs where multiple artists have contributed to the song, such as remixes. For example, some bands do covers on songs from other bands. If you consider the song "We Will Become Silhouettes" by The Postal Service, you'll find that another band, The Shins, did a cover of that song, so in that case, the album artist will be The Shins, but the song artist will be The Postal Service. It all depends on your tags. It's not that the Zune is malfunctioning, but if you have a song by Timbaland and Miley Cyrus is listed as the song artist, the zune will show Timbaland in the background.

Another good example is a song called "This Love" by Maroon 5, which was remixed by Cut Copy. Since Cut Copy is listed as the primary song artist in my library, on my zune the song will show up under both Cut Copy and Maroon 5. If I go to Cut Copy and play the song, I will see Maroon 5 in the background, because they made the original song.

So basically there is no fix, since this isn't a problem, unless you just manually edit the tags yourself.
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I have experienced the same thing. I believe it happened right after some crash where I had to reboot. Now some artists like Akon and some other RnB guys show elvis presley... And I do know the tags are correct, at least to a point where the don't say elvis as artist
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Right click on the albulm and click on find albulm info...
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i also had this issue the other day...listening to Ben harper, and i had some John Mayer pics in the background.....didn't bother me too much since that is the only artist it does it with, but still weird.
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I'm surprised no one else has asked you why you were listening to Miley Cyrus out of choice in the first place...
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^ lmao no kidding. jk of course kremlin

for those of you experiencing this problem just go to this forum on and report any issues. They usually correct errors reported.
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Originally Posted by Machiventa View Post
^ lmao no kidding. jk of course kremlin

for those of you experiencing this problem just go to this forum on and report any issues. They usually correct errors reported.
I don't think this is a marketplace error. Seems more like a bug related to tagging. I have a few artists that show up as the band Disturbed (when in fact, I have maybe one of their songs). Most notably 30 Seconds To Mars. I know that a couple of months ago, the artist page (both on device and software) was correct (30 Seconds) for me. The problem seemed to occur after I fixed some tags across my collection, though I can't pinpoint a specific action. I'd venture a guess that for any of you reading this, the artist info comes up correctly as 30 Seconds To Mars. I've also seen several posts on the official Zune forums from people with similar issues.

I've tried formatting the player, reinstalling the software, etc. Same issue crops up. Annoying, but not world-ending.
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