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Default Got the X!

Now that I'm officially part of the X family I just wanted to post my immediate experience with it.

A little background. My experience with Sony mp3 players was the E507. A little 1gb device that I thought sounded great. I wanted a player with much larger capacity and great sound. What had me intrigued was the Zune HD. I liked the idea of it being for music and media; could care less about the apps. I also really liked the interface and the way the artist backgrounds change and such. What had me concerned was the reports about not really being able to customize the sound. I also had my eye on the Sony X but decided to take a chance with the ZHD and was hoping the sound on it was to my liking out of the box. Unfortunately (or actually fortunately) the sound was not for me. I always found myself wishing I could boost the bass here, a little mid there, and the presets didn't cut it. Shipped it back shortly thereafter and paid extra $$ for the X. Totally worth it!!

Enter the X: The sound has a nice warm feeling to it and my ears didn't fatigue the way they did with the ZHD. I can't describe it but the sound feels like it's full. It just sounded great out of the box with no adjustments but if need be they are there. I havn't tried the slacker or the video on it but will try that soon. I'm sure I will have some questions if they arise.
I wouldn't say my experience with the Zune hd was bad. It definitely has potential. The interface is very nice and easy to use. However, MS really needs to put a customizable EQ on it. The sound wasn't horrible but the Sony allows for much greater flexibility soundwise, and as I mentioned the warm sound of the Sony allows me to sit there for long periods of time without the ear fatigue. It's just in a different league. Oh, forgot to mention I just use Windows explorer to drag and drop the music with the X.

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