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Default UK Zune Pass - Spotify?

Had a thought earlier - as the UK already has a music streaming service (Spotify, free use with ads, or 10 (~$15) a month without), can't Microsoft collaborate with them in some way? Use the Spotify infrastructure, but as a means of distributing the Zune pass service, so to UK users, it would function just the same as using a Zune pass in the US?

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It won't happen. Don't hold me to this, but I read that Microsoft is working to make the store international.
Regardless of that, it won't happen because the Zune is only released in America, and they discourage use elsewhere. You are also forgetting that legal issues will need to be sorted out for: DRM, putting it on the device, using the service for the Zune, whether other players can use it. It will be too much effort.
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There is a spotify app for the iphone so if someone can figue out how to get something going for the zune it could be possible. I doubt the folks at spotify care enough to do it given the miniscule presence of zunes in europe.
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