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Default Zune HD unresponsive

The zune wire frame logo is the only thing on the screen for the past 5 minutes, after i tried turning it on. Any suggestions on what I can do to get it back to normal?
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If you haven't fixed it by now, try holding down the power button for 8 to 10 seconds. That should cause the device to restart. If that doesn't work, I would try to plug it into a computer, and see if that would do anything.
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If nothing else has worked, you can leave it to fully discharge and then plug it to the pc and see what happens after 40-50 minutes...if this won't work either and you live in the US, you can try MS Zune service and if you can't send it for fixing you can always smile (being in great mood plays a big role in our lives) and kick it out of the window!
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update....if i am not mistaken, the damn thing stayed like that for over 3 hours and needed to be charged (obviously) this morning...everything seems to be fine....i tried connected it to a computer during the logo thing, but it was still unresponsive.
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