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Default Poor Battery Life :(


Lately the battery life on my fuze appears to have dramatically decreased, recently it went from a full charge to half in 3 hours or so. I was first under the impression that it was better to run down the battery and then fully charge it, but then i read that this is not the best thing to do, so i stopped doing it after I did it once. I've used both wall chargers and the USB connection of the PC to charge the fuze but on a couple of occasions I forgot to unplug the fuze and left it in the computer overnight, I cant remember if the computer was on or not but the battery life was even worse from then on.
So I'm thinking do I need to replace the battery in it? has anyone done this before? and if so, is it a difficult process?
EDIT: Forgot to mention, I am running the Fuze on the lowest brightness, I am using a custom EQ, the backlight is at 10 seconds, and It has an 8GB memory card, I am playing mp3s of around 192kbps to 320 kbps, and the fuze is 2 or 3 months old if that helps at all
Help would be most appreciated, thanks!

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