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Default Hifiman HM-801 RMAA Tests

The RMAA results for this somewhat sad, expensive brick of an antiquated, barely usable player are actually not as good (or rather, adequate) as expected. However, it somehow managed to sound the same as a Sansa Clip in a volume-matched AB-comparison I did some time ago, despite its rolled off treble. Maybe my ears weren't up to the task (clogged, cold, tired, etc) when I did the AB comparison. I should repeat that.

Either way, compared to the other "audiophile" player, the utterly pathetic AMP3 Pro 1, the Hifiman is almost acceptable in its measurements. At least the $800 Hifiman sounds like an average MP3 player, while the $300 AMP3 sounds just bad (I'm talking about my ears, not measurements).

Frequency response... amusing, especially considering the Hifiman is advertised as 24/96-capable, yet it doesn't even reproduce 16/44 treble to its fullest:

Crosstalk - the Cowon V5, iPhone 3G, and Sony B143 beat the Hifiman a lot in channel separation. It's also the Clip's (and most other players) weakness - but at least the Clip gets the frequency response right, which the Hifiman doesn't.

Full results:

RMAA: Hifiman vs AMP3 Pro 1 vs Sony B143 vs Clip+
RMAA: Hifiman vs Clip vs Clip+ vs H300
RMAA: Hifiman vs Cowon V5 vs iPhone 3G

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