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Default How do M1 Feature Album art?

I have Version 1.23 firmware set to MTP in Eu region with Mp3 files
I have no problem with Album art using ID3 tag software until now
When using several album arts inside a album M1 picks the album art for feature display it likes best for no reason

What i want to do is use more than one album art for 1 album
but then i want the album art i have at Song nr.1 to apear featured in the album browser.

This is normaly not problem when there is just one album art for all song in that album but since i have many M1 choose the album art it want

For me it picked album art from song nr.15
I though maybe M1 pick the album art from about the middle of the songs
(is 25 songs in that album)
I then i changed that album art to something else and expected it to still pick song nr.15 with the new album art when browsing albums

but now it featured album art from song nr.23 instead.

I then though M1 must choose the album art by random each time
i conect m1 or change a album art
so I changed the album art on song nr.15 back to what it was
expecting M1 to pick another new album art
but instead M1 now pick song nr.15 again

I then cheched if it could be the image Jpg Size of the album art if is the biggest size that is choosen but that was not the case.
i even checked in the ID3 tags but could not find any reason why M1 would pick the album art from song nr.15 (And song nr.23 when album art in nr.15 was changed)
Is not Random either.

Can anyone try to find this out
I have like 10 different Albums arts for a special album
but i want Sonr nr.1 to be the featured album art when browsing album selection menu...

IT is just so strange how M1 pick the album art
I like to find out how M1 chooe what song in the album to feature the album from in menu
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