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Default Viliv P3....Videos


Not sure about you guys but this is the most exciting device I have seen in a very very long time. Personally I feel that the DAP/PMP market has been lacking innovation and exciting products recently and this is the type of device i've been waiting to see for a very long.

The bite of coverflow is not ideal, the file name instead of title listing isn't either. But 800x480 AMOLED, dual boot android 2.1/windows CE, multitouch, android market, Cortex A8, micro sd expansion and all the other features and functions, on paper wipe the floor with anything available in the sub 4 inch PMP category at the moment. Anyone who knows about ultra portable computing will also know Viliv's pedigree is second to none. They have more experience and expertise at building this kind of device than every dedicated pmp/dap manufacturer out there. You just have to look at the videos to see this prototype already looks very well implemented.

Many will disagree but I also feel that companies like cowon, who in the past I have had great respect and appreciation for have really dropped the bat lately. Over pricing, weak proprietary software, lack of connectivity are all hampering their progress IMO. Obviously all dap/pmp fans will always praise the SQ and battery life and so do I, but personally I was very disappointed by both the V5 and the J3, particularly in terms of the uninspired software and lack of connectivity. I want an all round meida device not just a great sounding player......this is why I am looking to the P3.
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