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Default Album still unavailable in Marketplace

Specifically, I am a Jack Johnson fan. A certain album that was on the marketplace when I first got my ZHD, "In Between Dreams", was available until a firmware update. I forgot which firmware update it was, but I remember people complaining certain music was gone in the marketplace that was there before the update.

I've been waiting patiently for this to be fixed but it never has been.

What gives?
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Its been going on for awhile content is slowly disappearing i don't remember the reason why but a veteran will answer you sooner or later.
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Some stuff comes and goes. I've had a zune pass for about 6 months.
I didn't see anything change after the firmware update for me but there is a lot of albums I see that are not available that I'd like. Usually it's albums that are >10 years old and from smaller labels. I'm assuming they just have not even tried to negotiate with all the smaller labels as some will have their old albums not available but the newer ones are. This doesn't bother me that much.
What bothers me is groups like RHCP who obviously have decided not to join zune pass as you can buy their albums and they are well known on a big label but they decided to force you to buy their album...for these jokers I already have the cd so I get it on with an alternative method...most probably would just d/l it illegally so I'm not sure they gain anything...
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most probably would just d/l it illegally so I'm not sure they gain anything...
thats how i got it
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