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I might be a little late on this but I was disappointed with the sound quality on the Clip+ after the Fuze. I actually got two--for myself and significant other--so unless they were both lemons, I don't think they were defective.

The Clip+ headphone amp puts out less power than the Fuze, which made an audible difference in both my Sennheiser PX100 and my Shure E4. I did a lot of comparisons of the same files in both Fuze and Clip+ --even one blind test with some help--and the Clip+ was less spacious and noticeably boosted in the midrange on every song.

I know there's a lot of praise for the Clip, and supposedly the Clip+ measurably has the same sound quality, but I went for the refund. Another Fuze when the time comes, or another brand.
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Hey Bill: Huh, so strange. I don't have a Clip+ but I did A/B with Fuze [and tons of other DAPs in a store a couple times] and my own reaction was totally opposite - I found the Clip+ sound was quite big and full, equal to the Fuze. Weird!

Do you happen to have any friends with the Clip+ to compare again?

Sorry for the woes...Can't go wrong with another Fuze tho...I just got one and I am liking it a lot.

cheers and good luck!
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I couldn't tell the difference between the clip+ and the fuze on OF with the same files, volume and no EQ personally when i was A/Bing my clip+ with a friend's fuze.

Perhaps as you say you got a lemon.
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Originally Posted by Bill Gates View Post
I might be a little late on this but I was disappointed with the sound quality on the Clip+ after the Fuze. ...
Not sure if you were able to volume match them equally as that would make the difference.

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