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Default Hippo VB Tips...

After reading so many positive comments on the Hippo VB, Ive decided to take the plunge and buy some from eBay UK from a US seller. They cost me about 64 ($99) including shipping.

I've had many players such as the Cowon I7 and I9 and the Sansa Fuze and Clip+. Ive bought and sold each of them several times before finally deciding on sticking with my 3rd, yes 3rd, Sansa Clip+. Its small size and weight as well as its memory expandability make it a winner. I do prefer the Cowon sound and overall volume levels, but the Clip+ does have a good flat sound to it which I like.

In terms of headphones Ive owned Atrio M5, V-Moda Bass Freq and the SuperFi 5 EB. As you can tell, Im a real bass head and much prefer deep sounding IEMs for my (real) techno mixes. Of the ones mentioned, dare I say, I still prefer the significantly cheaper V-Moda. Although theyre a little muddy, their bass and volume still surpasses that of the other 2 IEMs in my opinion.

Anyway, Ive joined the hype and expecting my Hippo VBs soon and am very excited to see how they compare to my budget but beloved V-Moda Bass Freqs. I'll be back to offer some feedback after Ive received them and burned them in for 50 Hrs (?)

Ive got a few days until they arrive from the USA, is it worth me buying some foam tips in the meantime? If so, what model do I need? I keep hearing Comply or something? Can anyone give me a link for the cheapest/best retailer in the UK?

Can anyone put my mind at rest and assure me they'll reach a good volume on my Clip+? Despite warnings, I do like my music loud I must say.


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