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Default Zune HD hacked guide for noobs?

I thought I knew most everything there was to know about this stuff until now. For somebody who would use a Zune HD or a second generation model mostly for music and occasional video, does the successful hacking make the HD worth it? Are the apps in development going to make the HD an iTouch clone with tons of useless apps that make fart noises with a few games? Or does this mean that there could be more potential value added to make the HD a more fun device to use with genuinely useful things outside of a Zune pass and smart DJ? I really just want to know what the HD can do now that its been hacked? Can you play pong while blasting death metal into your ears? That is if pong is even being developed of course... Otherwise I remain uncertain as to whether its worth saving the money for the HD over the new Zen x-fi or or even a Sansa player that may come out eventually to replace the Fuze.
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