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Default DEMO: ScummVM for Zii Egg Plaszma

ScummVM for the Zii Egg (Plaszma). Use camera button to bring up onscreen keyboard. Has auto-rotation and HDMI support. Works nicely, is compatible with all (ScummVM compatible) games I've tried:

Leisure Suit Larry I
Police Quest I
Secret of Monkey Island
Beneath a Steel Sky
Lure of the Temptress
Zak McKraken and the Alien Mind Benders

ScummVM website

ScummVM for Plaszma (0.98.xx - 1.00.xx)

I haven't supplied it with any games (you can get some free ones from the ScummVM website). To install games, connect your Egg through USB (MTP), create a 'Games' folder and copy the (installed) game folder for your game into there (eg. copy the 'monkey' folder to there for Monkey Island). You need to select 'Add game' from the ScummVM menu screen. If you want to store games somewhere else (eg. SD card), then you'll need to browse to that location. ScummVM will save that location for next time (if you want to manually change this, you'll need to edit the .scummvmrc file in the app's folder on the Egg).

Known issues:
- ScummVM runs at 640x400 (which is scaled to the Egg display). You may find it hard to double-click on things in the UI, as you really have to hit the same spot twice (hard to do with a finger). In this case, bring up the keyboard and press 'Enter'.
- Sometimes (if you quit from an option in the game) on exit, the app won't get shut down properly. In this case (you'll know because you're left with a black screen, and pressing Home will give you the desktop but without the status bar), you'll need to shut down and restart the Egg. If it's a problem, always use the 'Home' button to exit, or fix the issue yourself (I'll release source code later today on the ZiiLabs forums).

[Update: the 02 version (linked above) is a build with all of the engines apart from SAGA enabled, it can play a lot more of the recent games.]

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