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Default Shopping for a new DAP, suggestions?

Okay, so my much-loved Sony NWZ-A728 is losing the war against Li-Ion wear level in a big way. In the good old days when I first bought this thing, it'd get a good 28+ hours of listening time. Now it's almost in the single-digit range.

Plus, 8GB of space just isn't enough. I'm the kind of person who wants to just dump her entire music collection (which isn't all that large compared to some of my friends) on her DAP and just forget about it. Right now I'm rocking about a 20-25GB collection, and having to shuffle things around is annoying.

So yeah, I'm looking for a new (or old, depending on if an older model suits my needs) DAP that fulfills these requirements:

Must have lots of storage. The more the better. Doesn't have to be a HDD player, per se--high-capacity flash players with expansion slots are acceptable as well, but they can get real expensive. I'm wanting to do this one on the cheap.

Must have drag-and-drop capability (I loathe music management apps). I can possibly waver on this if there's no other choice, but I really don't want to.

Must sound good with my earphones, Etymotic Research HF5 + Shure black foams.

Must have at least some tactile controls. I know this is sort of a hard thing to ask for, but I like to be able to blind-manipulate my player in my pocket without digging it out every time I want to play/pause or adjust volume. Usually I whip it out to change albums or tracks, so I'm not too concerned about having to do that. But I do want to be able to pause playback and adjust volume without taking it out.

Must not cost more than $150.

I don't care about video playback. I don't care about fancy features. I just want a DAP with tactile controls that sounds good and holds a shitload of music at LAME V1 and V0. (Does this even exist anymore?)
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