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Old 04-14-2010, 01:13 PM
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Default Sick and tired of low quality album art? Look no further:

If you're like me, you're very much OCD about everything concerning your digital audio collection. Unfortunately, it's very hard getting decent album art from almost anywhere. Google Images, Amazon, etc - they're all not particularly good. The scans you find on dedicated cover art sites are often awfully scanned with inferior hardware, no knowledge about editing, and are often overly compressed and artifact-ridden.

So... a month or two ago, I found, and I started to contribute to the good cause. You can see my album art edits here:

For me it's a challenge and quite some fun, going from a source like this to a result like this. It would be great if more people with good image editing skills contributed, the world would be a less shabby place.

By the way, Albumartexchange is also searchable via tools like Album Art Downloader, which I can really recommend. EDIT: Albumartexchange was removed from Album Art Downloader - it generated too much bandwidth cost for the site. It's a shame, but directly searching the site isn't that much trouble.

I think I should simply quote the FAQ from Albumartexchange:

This web site started with my personal collection of album artwork. The great majority of what I firsted posted here was been scanned from CD inserts from my own CD collection, with an occasional LP sleeve scan thrown in. Some of those images started with online sources like and the iTunes Store, which I subsequently edited to improve image quality.

I'm fussy about album artwork. It's easy to find a lot of the same artwork found here elsewhere online, but often the quality is terrible: Small low-resolution images, heavily compressed with lots of visible JPEG artifacts. Bad colors and poor contrast. Excessive cropping. Heavy-handed artificial sharpness. Dust specs, scratches, creases, and scuffs. Crooked, misaligned scans. Scans where it looks someone didn't even take the trouble to pull a CD insert out of its jewel case, or didn't even bother to remove shrink wrap from a CD, before slapping the artwork onto a scanner.

This collection, which has now grown well beyond my initial personal collection, aims to do better. Much better.

The artwork found here, once only a small and quirky collection based on my personal tastes in music, is now far more varied, but still, the collection is hardly comprehensive. Hopefully as time goes on, and more people join the web site and post their own images, the variety of what can be found here will improve.

This artwork is provided for others who, like me, enjoy not only listening to music, but seeing the artwork which goes along with that music at the same time. I'm providing these images to help legitimate owners of the associated music, not to help music pirates. If you like the music you're listening to, you should pay for it before worrying about dressing it up with pretty pictures.
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