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Default Album art for movies on Zune HD?

Is there any software for adding album art for movies i have on my Zune HD?

I hate it when there is a black screen on some of my movies when scrolling

threw them. Maybe something like mp3tag, but for movies. Thanks

Also does anybody have drake on there Zune, and the background pick is Lil Wayne very frustrating?

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Oh, you mean like album art. Technically it's possible, id3 should work with movies. I think it's been done. But nobody supports it, including, to the best of my knowledge, zune. It's silly, I know, and I wish it worked too. But it doesn't.

You might want to rephrase a bit, just because to me "movie wallpaper" means setting a video you have on your zune as the wallpaper on the home screen, etc. Or is that what you meant?

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you can use Audioshell to add 'album art' to your video files. If they are already in your zune video folder, you may have to rename the file before the updated thumbnail shows up in the zune software & on your zune.
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Thanks for the responses. Audioshell did the trick.
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