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Default Should I get a 64GB Zune HD given my situation?

I'm in the market for a new mp3 player. I've had a 32GB Creative Zen for the last 2 years and have been satisfied, but I now need more space and want a touch screen player.

I would be using this only for listening to music. I have a Motorola Droid so I already have all I need for apps and mobile web/videos/etc. I would use the droid for music too, but 16GB (or possibly 32GB with a bigger microsd card) is just too small. My library is about 50GB when encoded in V0 from FLAC rips. I've got most of it to fit on my Zen by converting it to V2 and excluding some stuff, but that's a pain to maintain and there's always new music I'm finding.

My primary use would be in the car (via aux, docked to dash) and at work (office job). I have a Sansa Clip+ with just a workout playlist for running/lifting, so I won't need the Zune for that.

I briefly had a 120GB Zune but got rid of it because it was a brick and the screen was painful to look at when compared to my crisp clear Droid. I also didn't quite like the navigation, but that was probably more of being unfamiliar and used to the Zen. I recently/impulsively bought a 32GB HD when Dell had them for $200, but fortunately did not open it before they announced the 64GB days later, and sold it to my friend.

There is no immediate need for me to get the device. I'll probably wait until the 64GB drops in price a little (though it may not drop as low as the $300 price point I'd want anytime soon). I know there are rumors of the HD2/Win7 phone/etc, so I realize it might be beneficial for me to wait a little longer.

So, would you recommend the Zune HD for someone that only needs an mp3 player and nothing else? I read the "if you had a 2nd chance" thread and a lot of people said no, but that was because the lack of apps and support. If you don't recommend a Zune HD, then what else would you recommend? Again my main needs are 64GB+ (flash memory preferred), touch screen, and a slim/sleek device.


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