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Page List of Zune HD Bugs/Issues

List of Zune HD Bugs and Issues
Refreshed every update, this list will include all issues and bugs that are found.
Current firmware version: 4.5
Hardware Version: 1st Generation Zune HD

  • Some areas on the screen will appear lighter and some areas darker, seen easily during nighttime or in a dark room.
  • Tilting the web browser just after opening it will produce a white box on a black background that shifts around in various directions as you tilt the device.
  • The touchscreen sometimes doesn't respond while charging the device.
  • The touchscreen sometimes doesn't respond at all.
  • If an object on the Pins, History, or New menu is pressed while scrolling up and down, there will be a slight lag through the transition.
  • There is a slight lag when exiting the photo viewer.
  • The "Add to Background" button is misplaced while viewing photos with the device tilted in landscape mode.
  • The "e" in "Marketplace" is cutoff on the main menu. (Not much of an issue)
  • Sometimes when waking up the device, the "Now Playing" screen flashes and the lock screen appears quickly after.
  • The date is being tracked through the device, however cannot be viewed (using the zNotes unofficial app, you can view the current date on the device)
  • Sometimes playing and pausing the music through the "compass" causes the screen to lag for a split second.

  • Syncing playlists to the device through "Sync to [device name] sometimes does not work
  • Adding objects to sync while the device is syncing sometimes does not work
  • Sometimes tracks will be marked as from a different artist even with the correct album info

You can help contribute by listing your own bugs and issues.

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