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Default Touchscreen feedback issues

There's an odd issue I've been having since 4.5 where the touchscreen just doesn't respond, or doesn't respond correctly at all. I have a lot of trouble getting the lock screen off, it rises a centimeter, and then falls again as if I took my finger off.

It happens most when I have it hooked up to charge or in my PixelSkin case. I don't know why the PixelSkin case has to do with anything, but without it the touchscreen is much more responsive, but with it the touchscreen just likes to randomly mess up.

I believe it has to do with static on the case which screws the touchscreen up, but I'm not sure. Anyone else having a weird touchscreen issue?
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maybe because the Pixelskin is bulky in the back... its weird how the touch screen responsiveness diminishes if your not holding firmly on the back of the ZuneHD.
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I've had a few rare instances where the touch has flaked out and become unresponsive but I was never able to determine the cause. A restart cures it for me.
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Yes, I had the same exact issue once. Never happened pre-4.5, so maybe it's a new bug. I somehow got it to work with a flick instead of a drag. It was while I was charging it, might have something to do with that.
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