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Default Cowon J3 UI for S9 from naver!!!

This is a simple copy and paste from tirim4 from thread, so please don't kill me please ! Credit for finding this goes to tirim4!

Cowon J3 video UCI for cowon S9 from naver cafe!!!!

Im using it right now and its damn awesome, replaced Asurda klaus edition with this. It has its own video browser with thumbnails and overall speed is great:

(mediafire seems to not work for me at the moment, I hope google pages will work for you)

If the music UCI with album art browser is as fast as the thumbnail browser here its awesome!

Here's da1writers video of the J3 interface:

I recommend this for everyone! Lets hope the other UI parts will get extracted soon


EDIT: There seems to be a slight incompability with hardwere buttons, you cant go next/bac or change volume with them. :/

EDIT2: Another bug: Thumbails for changing scenes in the video itself (same feuture as the S9) are not working correct, you can only view one of them it seems...

EDIT3: Whole UI released!

Havent tried it but Ill post it, whole 3.02 UI for J3 extracted for S9 released: DOWNLOAD

Ill see if I can get the thread name changed.

Once again its from naver!
Thank you
클 라우스(kchang06)

For devs: DNW has posted the whole UCI decompiled down on this page.

Uci parts modded for Cowon S9:

Mainmenu1 by Scrapz
Mainmenu2 by Scrapz
Mainmenu3 by Scrapz If you use the memo widget, you will need the memo file. Download Cowon J3 Memo for S9
Modified J3 UCI for cowon S9 by klaus mainmenu1, picture viewer, Movie player, settings
Launcher by Adapada with personalised own background, with black background
Launcher from Naver supporting custom UCIs (not very stable it seems)
Launcher by Adapada for support of custom UCIs and claws stuff
Picture viewer by Scrapz

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