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Default Custom utility for Pilot-friendly ID3 tags

So, I was tired of not having proper Unicode tags or album art on my MSC-transfered music on my Pilot. I have a 4GB with a 16GB card, so that's a lot of question marks and mojibake! Anyway, I had determined a process a while back that actually worked for me - basically use ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 encoding and embed the album artwork, ensuring none of the photos were over about 250x250 and absolutely do not use progressive JPEG, which can completely freeze the Pilot. Well, I have several programs that do these various tasks, but it was a huge process, especially for the ~80GB of music that I wanted to select ~20GB from.

So, I wrote my own program to do it. I use foobar2000 as my main player/management software, and I still use that to copy files to a logical folder structure for dropping on the device, but the rest of the process is neatly wrapped up a .net program I wrote (using TagLib#). My question is, would people here be interested in that? It's not release quality yet, but if there is interest, I'll put a little more time into it and slap it up on SourceForge or CodePlex or something. It will be free, that's for sure, but if there simply isn't interest, I won't bother polishing it up.

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