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Default Frozen on Rebuilding...Clean Didn't Work

Ok, this is driving me nuts.

Yesterday, when I plugged in my Zen and used Windows Media Player to sync a few songs with it, it was working fine. I unplugged it when it was done. Later on, I plugged it back in, opened up Winamp, and was planning on sending those new songs to playlists, rating them, etc. I noticed that for some reason, 10 out of my 17 playlists weren't showing up. When I unplugged it, those 10 playlists were totally empty. The songs were still on the Zen, but somehow, they were removed from the playlists.

So I went through all the freaking trouble of redoing the playlists.

Now, today, I'm listening to it - no problems whatsoever - and I click to go to the next song and it freezes. Its happened before. So I reboot.

And it gets stuck on Rebuilding, around the B just before the U.

I try it again...same thing. I try it again, same thing. At least 6 times.

So I tried a Clean.....then a reboot......still gets stuck on the same spot in Rebuilding.

What can I do to make it so I don't lose my 2400 songs? I don't have a record of them anywhere. I don't have a list of them, I don't have backups....I sure as hell can't remember all 2400 of them on the spot!!

Is there any way I can get them back? Is there any way I can get this to work again? I don't even care if I have to buy a brand new mp3 player, just as long as I can keep the 2400 songs. I'll ship it somewhere if I have to...I'll take it to a computer place if I have to....I just need to keep the songs.

Even if there's a way to just get a LIST of the songs on it, that'll be better than nothing...despite how I probably won't be able to find many of the songs again.
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